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Emergency Care Summary

The Emergency Care Summary Record

The Emergency Care Summary (ECS) record consists of your patient key information that is deemed beneficial to the decision making process in an “emergency” situation. Availability of this information will help to improve the care and treatment provided to you as a patient.

The data is limited to:

  • Name, date of birth and gender;
  • Address and phone number;
  • Current medication and any known allergies.
  • Note that your patient medical notes are not included in this record

This information is extracted automatically from the practice clinical system and made available, as required, to GP Out of Hours Services, Emergency Departments and Hospital Pharmacies across Northern Ireland.

Opt Out

You may decide to opt out. Letters have been delivered to all homes in Northern Ireland describing benefits of the project and explaining that you can opt out by completing an ECS opt out form and passing it to the GP practice.

Opt In

Patients, who have initially opted out, may later decide to opt in. There is a form available to download from our website, which you can complete and return to the practice or simply contact us and we will make changes to the patient record on the Clinical System so that your information will be sent to the ECS system.


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