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Repeat Prescriptions

Patients are responsible for ordering their repeat medication so as not to run out. This can be done up to a week before the due date (exceptions apply for certain medicines).

Ordering your Repeat Prescriptions -

  • The surgery repeat line - available 24 hours a day.
  • In person - using the right hand side of your prescription or a written request detailing medicines required, simply place these in the mail box provided in the lobby.
  • Post the right hand side of prescriptions or a written request detailing medicines required to the surgery with a stamped addressed envelope or a request to have a local pharmacy collect.
  • Online service - contact reception in person or by telephone if you wish to register for this new service.  If you are registered for this service click here to order your repeat medication

All prescriptions ready within 2 working days from date received and collected from the surgery by your preferred pharmacy. Please call in to or contact your pharmacy to check if your prescription is ready.

Please note that repeat prescriptions will only be issued for medication previously prescribed and authorised as a repeat by a Doctor.  Repeats are not antibiotics, contraception or painkillers.  Patients may be asked to make an appointment or have a telephone consultation with a GP before these prescriptions are processed.

Please ensure you order your prescriptions in good time.  Emergency appointments will not be allocated in order to obtain repeat prescriptions.

If you have been prescribed controlled drug medication i.e. Tramadol, Tramazepam you will be asked to sign for the script when you come to collect it.  If you want a family member/friend or chemist to collect the prescription on your behalf you will need to sign a consent form.  We do not give prescriptions out to anyone under 18 years of age.)  Please speak to a member of the reception team if this applies to you.

Acute(one off) Prescriptions

When you ring in requesting a prescription for an antibiotic or other medication that is not on repeat, a message will be forwarded to the GP for authorisation.  Patients should give as much detail as possible about their request, including any known allergies.  The reception team will advise patients when to ring back to confirm if a prescription has been done.  Please note that GPs DO NOT always provide prescriptions, so it is important patients telephone to confirm.

Patients should not ask Pharmacists to telephone the surgery to obtain details of acute/antibotic requests.

Collection of Prescriptions

Please do not order prescriptions from Pharmacies before placing your request with the surgery.

The surgery will not provide prescriptions to Pharmacies for medication that has not previously been prescribed.  The surgery is not obliged to do this under current regulations.  The surgery will not issue prescriptions to pharmacies for medication which is not due.

For patients who are elderly, patients who have a disability or who through illness have difficulty attending the surgery, the surgery will cooperate with local Pharmacies so that they may order and collect prescriptions. Please speak with your local Pharmacy or our reception team. GPs will assess and approve as required.

Only in exceptional circumstances will we telephone prescriptions through to Pharmacies.

Prescriptions not collected within 1 month are destroyed and deleted from the patients record.


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