DUE TO COVID-19 a few routine interventions have had to be cancelled for now. You can contact the surgery to make an appointment for any of the services listed below.

It is really important you DO NOT come to the surgery if you have a temperature, new cough, loss of taste and or smell. We would ask you to ring us to let us know you will not be attending the appointment and alternative arrangements will be made.  

We run a number of services including;

Blood pressure monitoring & ECG

We offer 24 hour blood pressure monitoring and ECG (heart tracings) on site at the practice.  If you think you need either of these please speak to your GP.

Blood Tests

We have pre-bookable blood test appointments from 9am at the practice.  Please book these via reception.

Spirometry clinics - currently suspended due to pandemic

We now have a Practice Pharmacist who provides spirometry assessment clinics.  Speak to reception for further information.

Cervical smears

Our nursing team and female doctors carry out smear tests on-site. A routine smear test is recommended every 3 years for women aged 25-49 yrs and every 5 years for women ages 50-64.  You will receive invites to contact the surgery and make an appointment for a smear test.  When you ring please ask for a specific smear appointment or let us know if you do not want to have the test.

Child development and baby checks

At Willowfield when your baby is 8 weeks old a GP will need to carry out the 8 week development check.  We do this check at 8 weeks to tie in with your baby's first set of immunisations.

Childhood Immunisations

Our Public Health Nurse gives all routine immunisations.  You will be sent a letter from Child Health inviting you and your child in when immunisations are due.  The immunisation schedule should be in your baby's red book but please ask if you are not sure.

Minor surgery - currently suspended due to pandemic

Dr Patterson has a weekly minor surgery clinic at the practice.  Please speak to your doctor or nurse about this.

Smoking Cessation

If you're trying to give up smoking, we can help.  Studies show that your chances of success will be greatly improved if you get advice and support from health care professionals to help you stop smoking.  You can book a smoking cessation appointment with our practice nurse directly through reception.

Travel vaccines

We offer a full range of travel vaccines at the practice. Please make sure you make an appointment to have your vaccinations well in advance of your date of travel.

Implant and Coil Clinic

Dr Quinlan runs an Implant and Coil clinic every fortnight.  Please speak to your GP or ring reception for more details.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Held weekly at the practice.  Speak to your GP if you feel this would help. Your GP will refer you if assessed appropriate.

Counselling sessions

Held weekly at the practice.  Speak to your GP if you feel this may help.

Non-NHS/Private medical services

Not all services provided at Willowfield surgery are available under the NHS.  Where patients request non-NHS items or service a fee may be payable. If you have any questions relating to these fees please speak to a member of staff.  A receipt for any fee will be issued on request.  In exceptional circumstances the Partner involved may reduce the price.


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